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The purpose of this website is to inform people who are interested in SDP NV products and services. The following terms of use apply to each website visitor. You are responsible for reading the most recent version of these terms of use and you explicitly agree with this responsibility.

Protection of intellectual rights

The content of this website, including brands, logos, illustrations, data, products and company descriptions, texts, images, etc., is protected by intellectual property rights and belongs to SDP NV or to entitled third parties.  Reproduction of the SDP logo and company name is only allowed with SDP's permission. 

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SDP NV cannot be held responsible for information on its website that may breach third-party intellectual property rights.

We kindly ask parties who think their intellectual property rights are violated because their work is published on the SDP NV website without their permission, to notify us as quickly as possible. We will do our best to delete the infringing material at least temporarily.

Website access

All content, including text, images and files, in any format, is for information purposes only.

Every visitor is allowed to read the information, but SDP has the right to modify the website terms of use at any moment, without notification, as well as to restrict access to the whole website or to certain content. Your level of access to the website depends on the data you provide us. You explicitly give consent for SDP NV to store your personal data, and by giving this consent you also give us permission to use your data according our Privacy policy.

SDP NV can modify or reject access to content accessible with user names and passwords at any time without being held responsible. 

Personal data

To provide you with information, we may ask you to share personal data with us, like your e-mail address, address or telephone and fax number.

SDP NV guarantees every visitor's privacy with built-in security.

By using our website and/or sharing your personal data (contact form, newsletter subscription, etc.), you explicitly agree with the way SDP NV collects and processes personal data as described in the Privacy policy.

By using the SDP NV website the user declares to be over 16 years of age. We kindly ask parents or family guardians who assume that SDP NV has collected personal data from a child under 16 to notify us as quickly as possible. 

Liability regarding the information shown.

The website contains general information and is not customized for personal circumstances. It can therefore not be considered as personal and professional legal advice for customers.

SDP NV works hard to share correct, up-to-date and complete information on the website. If, in spite of that, the website contains incorrect or incomplete information, we will do our best to correct this within a reasonable time period.  SDP NV cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damage caused by information on this website.  If you see any incorrect information on the website, we kindly ask you to contact us.

SDP can modify or delete content on the website (including links) at any moment without any update notice. SDP cannot, by any means, be held liable for website malfunctions or unavailability, nor for any possible damage that may be caused by visiting or using the website.

SDP NV cannot, by any means, be held liable, neither in a direct nor indirect, special nor other way, for damage caused by using this website or another, including links or hyperlinks, including, but not limited to, all the website visitor’s losses, work interruptions, damage to programs or other data in the computer system, equipment, software or other.

All information in text format, documents, images, databases and other formats, is provided by SDP NV without a warranty from SDP NV to guarantee availability, deliverability or adjustment for commercial or private purposes.


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We kindly ask you to inform us when you see incorrect or non-functioning links.

SDP NV has the right to publish new links at any time or to delete existing links.

Applicable law and entitled courts

Belgian law is applicable to this website. In case of dispute, only the Eastern Flanders' courts are entitled to handle disputes.